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Volvo FH CKD Lorry. Automatic transmission.
Volvo FH12 500ps Trailer 6x4. Double gear MANUAL transmission. CKD

MKP Auto Parts Sdn Bhd: Your Trusted Supplier for Quality Auto Parts

In the ever-evolving automotive industry, finding a dependable source for high-quality auto parts is crucial. MKP Auto Parts Sdn Bhd, also known as MKP Auto. It is a name that stands out as a beacon of trust and reliability for both imported lorry spare parts and machinery. We’ve been in the industry since 2004. Our senior director has been involved in the used lorry parts industry since the early 1980s. Our commitment to excellence has made us a trusted brand that importers and traders rely on.

Hino Profia 7x38 boogie set (5)
Daihatsu DV 1 ton Cabin and DL Engine (6)
Engine - Hino F17E
Nissan CD48 Semiauto (3)
Scania DC12 (4)
Nissan NE6 Turbo engine

The MKP Auto Difference

In a market where not all traders guarantee product quality, MKP Auto Parts Sdn Bhd sets itself apart. We import and regularly stock a wide variety of auto and lorry parts, ensuring that our customers have access to a comprehensive inventory. Our commitment to quality extends to our rigorous product selection process in other countries, where we source the finest spare parts and machinery.

Unic/Tadano 220, 250 crane
Nissan NE6 Turbo engine (3)
Engine - Hino F21C
View 4-HITACHI ZX225USR Model Excavator
ZX120 Excavator
Nissan NE6 Turbo engine
Nissan GK4 Semiauto (3)

About MKP Auto Parts Sdn Bhd

Hino V25C

A Rich History

MKP Auto Parts Sdn Bhd was established in 2004. But our roots in the industry run much deeper. Our senior director has been actively involved in the used lorry parts industry since the early 1980s. This extensive experience gives us a unique perspective and expertise that few others can match.

Our Trusted Brand

Over the years, MKP Auto Parts Sdn Bhd has earned a reputation as a trusted brand in the industry. Our commitment to providing top-notch auto parts and machinery, along with exceptional customer service, has made us a preferred supplier for many businesses and individuals.

Cummins Turbo 460ps engine.
View 1-Volvo FH13 520ps Trailer 6x4.
Hino 10 Bolt Hino 700 (Air) Bogie. 10x41, 7x43, 7x45 differential ratio
Tadano/Unic 253 Cranes. Imported units
Unic 220 Crane. 4 boom + 1 body
Isuzu 4HE1 Turbo Engine /Manual Fuel Pump

Our Product Range

At MKP Auto Parts Sdn Bhd, we import a wide range of products to cater to the diverse needs of our customers. Our product categories include:

  1. Imported Lorry Spare Parts: We specialize in imported lorry spare parts, ensuring that your vehicles run smoothly and efficiently. Our selection is carefully curated to meet the highest quality standards.
  2. Machinery: In addition to auto parts, we import machinery to support various industries. Whether you need equipment for construction, agriculture, or other sectors, we have you covered.
  3. New Wheels & Rims from China: We also import new wheels and rims from China, offering you a selection of high-quality options to enhance your vehicle’s performance and aesthetics.
New Rim 6 Bolt. 17.5x6.00 Tubeless
5 Bolt Tubeless Rims Stud hole: 32mm
Tubeless 11R Aluminium Tyre Rims
8Holes Japan Alloy Sport Rims

Contact Us for Availability

At MKP Auto Parts Sdn Bhd, we understand that timely access to parts and machinery is crucial for our customers. That’s why we ensure that our stock is regularly updated. If you’re looking for a specific part or machinery, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you and provide information on stock availability.

Isuzu 6BG1 Turbo Engine. Hitachi ZX/EX 200, 220 excavator engine
Hino H07C Engines.


When it comes to sourcing quality auto parts, MKP Auto Parts Sdn Bhd is your trusted partner. With a rich history, a commitment to excellence, and a diverse range of products, we are here to meet your needs. Contact us today to experience the MKP Auto difference – where quality and reliability meet.

Mitsubishi FK Fighter cabin. 2 wiper.
Isuzu FTR Cabin 2 Wiper /FRR32, FRR32
Hino 10 Bolt Hino 700 (Air) Bogie. 10x41, 7x43, 7x45 differential ratio
Used Hino EK100 Engine
Isuzu 6SD1 Turbo engine
Mitsubishi FE639 4D34 Turbo front cut.
Airman SDG45 Denyo45 Generators
Nissan PF6 Engine
Mitsubishi 3 Ton Petrol Forklift at Butterworth, Malaysia
Used Hino EF750 Imported Engine
toyota 2 ton forklift
New Tubeless Rim 16mm tebal
New Tubeless Rim 16mm tebal
Direct Importing New Tubeless Rims For Trucks, Lorries and Trailers
MKP Auto Parts Sdn Bhd-kedai alat ganti lori



Take care of your wheels/rims. Now we import directly from China

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