Daihatsu DV58 DL Engine.., (also with daihatsu dv57, dv57, daihatsu dv58, daihatsu dv99)

is a product we are trading – importing, stock- regularly.

Although many may know us well since we have been in this business for 40 years.

But we need to introduce ourselves to newcomers who are in transport, wholesale, importers, and exporters of lorry parts businesses.

Firstly, to say briefly about ourselves, we Deal with imported Used lorry spare parts in Butterworth Malaysia.

Similarly…Daihatsu DV58 DL Engine….

is just one of the imported lorry spare parts we deal with. Additionally, please find the product list below.  We have given a list of varieties of products we dealt with in past years.

Of course, we have had customers for 40 years, and we serve by supplying their business needs – mechanics, transport companies, and dealers from countries like Thailand, Myanmar, Pakistan, etc.

In addition, if you wish to find more info about the availability of…

Daihatsu DV58 DL Engine..

then we are at:

MKP Auto Parts Sdn Bhd

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A few sample lists of our products in addition to the Daihatsu DV58 DL Engine

in the first place…

Engine – Daihatsu

  • DL

  • DV58     

With also..

Engine – Isuzu

  • 4BD1

  • 4BG1

  • 4HF1

  • 4HG1

  • 4HJ1

  • 4HL1

  • 4JB1

  • 4JG2


Engine – Mitsubishi

  • 4M40-AY

  • 4M40-CD

  • 4M40-CN

  • 4M40-DA

  • 4M40-GL

  • 4M50-C

For More Info, Arrivals of Daihatsu DV58 DL Engine other than Japanese Truck Parts

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General Information 

For your information, we are located in

Lot 1446, No. 232, Mukim 9,

Jalan Bagan Ajam,

13050 Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia.

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   More than Daihatsu DV58 DL Engine


Used Japanese Truck Parts for Sale is a product MKP Auto Parts Sdn Bhd imports regularly.

In addition, it depends on how the team of MKP can win the auction in Japan or some other countries.


So, if you are looking for Used Japanese Truck Parts, especially if you are far from Butterworth, please confirm with those in charge of the sales section.


We have no one in charge of PM on Facebook or social media. Serious buyers, please directly contact the following people for assistance. In addition…

So…Where you may contact us? 

Call/Whatsapp Mr. Mohan:  +6 016 410 9200



Call/Whatsapp Mr. Vinoth: +6 012 413 5311